Business Intelligence

I have in most of my jobs been more or less involved in what today is covered by the term BI – Business Intelligence.

The last 3 years of my time in Maersk Line I worked with various aspects of Business Intelligence as part of the Group Finance, BI team.

With Siebel Systems I was selling a number of BI implementations to some of the most innovative companies in Scandinavia and I participated in most projects at the Steering Committee level.

In the USA I was also assessing the status of a BI solution at one of the biggest E-retailers in USA and providing solutions as to how to improve a integrated BI solution with SAP and Siebel.

In the early 1990’th I was involved in several projects which included EIS / MIS / Data Warehousing and elements of Data Mining. Prior to working with Siebel Systems I have  been involved in implementation of SAP’s Business Warehouse for sales and profitability reporting and analysis.