I have listed a few of my many interests and whenever you have any good ideas, news or anything you want to share with me related to my main interests, please contact me

  • People : Working with people and different cultures
  • Languages :  Languages have always interested me and I have tried to learn a few. I like to be able to speak with local people when I travel and I have realized that it also helps me very often in project situations. At one project I had 18 nationalities so my language skills were really helpful
  • Friends : I have met and worked with many friends in USA, Denmark and in other countries with whom I try to retain a close relation. It’s some times difficult due to the busy work schedule, but I usually take time to invite and visit friends whenever it’s possible. You never know when you need them
  • Travel : I like to travel and spend most of my vacations traveling to exotic places mostly in Europe and in the USA. If you need travel information to any of the continents I should be able to provide good tips and ideas
  • Music : I used to play guitar in various bands when I was in High School and I enjoyed it a lot. I still play once in a while but unfortunately time and neighbors don’t allow me to play enough
  • Wines & Food : I am a wine collector and I used to spend much time learning and drinking wines from all over the World
  • Chess :  I used to be a very good chess player and I enjoy playing. Lately I haven’t had enough time to play but I would like to play over the Internet if you are interested